Please use the scale to indicate how important each of the following are to you when choosing a pain reliever to treat headaches

 Not at all ImportantExtremely Important

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Does not contain a specific active ingredient (aspirin, naproxen, caffeine, etc.)              
Is the best brand for Unmanageable Headaches (The headache is all I can think about, it makes me stop/lie down/call it a day)              
Is specifically designed for headaches, not for other types of pain              
Is the best brand for all types of headaches              
Is long lasting - keeps my headaches from coming back              
Is good for any type of body pain, not just headaches              
Provides faster headache relief than other non-prescription over-the-counter brands of pain relievers              
Is the best brand for Manageable Headaches (Can function, but the headache is distracting and slows me down. Affects my concentration and efficiency)              
Helps me better manage my headaches              
Indicates the type of headache (stress, sinus, severe, etc.) treated on the package              
Is different than other brands in the category