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About Us

At least 85% of human decisions are governed by the non-conscious (instinct, intuition, emotions & desires and memories & values). Over $80 billion is spent each year measuring the 15% that is conscious. These measurements account for nearly 100% of the facts that currently guide business decisions. Buyology has developed proprietary web-based technology to help companies make better decisions on how to more effectively & efficiently connect with their current & prospective customers by accessing, measuring and understanding consumer non-conscious responses. Rigorously measuring the non-conscious provides clients with a huge competitive advantage that is currently the exclusive province of Buyology Inc.


Buyology Inc. empowers companies to enhance the productivity of their innovation to drive transformational growth. Our rigorous tools provide deeper insights that allow our clients to see and importantly to understand aspects of their customer/consumer relationships and interactions that have previously eluded them. We can measure and enhance the impact along the entire marketing value chain from strategy to product to messaging.

By revealing and leveraging these non-conscious motivators, Buyology has been able to help our clients post significant sales gains often in the face of very challenging and persistent barriers to growth. What we are measuring has heretofore been immeasurable. How we measure it conforms to the same statistical integrity, large sample size and analytic rigor of existing state-of-the art conscious measurement that has traditionally driven business decision making.

Our Technology

Buyology’s technology builds on a $10 million+ investment in global R&D that started with Martin Lindstrom’s best selling book Buyology and has grown to include over 40,000 respondents who participated in studies over the past seven years. We’ve developed a three part integrated system that actually gets smarter with every test that we execute.  (1) Our Response Time Data Capture is a scalable, global, web-based platform that is adaptive across all major devices (laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.).  (2) The Analytic Engine provides deeper understanding -- that is not achievable with traditional research -- through validated algorithms delivered via a fully automated data explorer and report writer.  (3) Finally, we’ve developed proprietary Insight Frameworks, like our global emotional content image library, that allow us to deeply identify, diagnose and optimize client strategies, product & positioning, advertising and media plans.

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