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Most Desired Brands in the U.S. — Overview

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Buyology Inc's Most Desired Brands in the U.S. Report

Brands with strong relationships are the businesses that are going to prosper in a tough economy

Buyology Inc, the leading global strategic neuromarketing company, is introducing the first tool that measures both the type and the strength of a brand's relationship with its current and prospective consumers: Neurotypes™.

What are Neurotypes™?

Neurotypes™ quantitatively determine which of sixteen relationships a brand or business currently has for a given target audience and the relative strength of the relationship, or signal strength, relative to competitors and other, beacon brands who, although they may be outside the category, have successfully established similar relationships. Once typed and calibrated, a marketer can use Neurotypes™ to assess the impact of their current marketing activities, determine what activities will be more effective in the future and gain provocative and proprietary insights on how to strengthen the brand's relationships across the 6P framework (product, package, placement (distribution), price, promotion and positioning).

But do we measure a relationship?

Each of the four prime Neurotypes™ represent a unique relationship profile based on both original global research and an extensive review of multi-disciplinary scientific literature. There is both a primary and secondary Neurotype dimension in a brand relationship that results in sixteen distinct Neurotypes. Beacon brands are brands (both in and out of your category) that have the same relationship with their customers and can be used to learn how to strengthen your customer relationships. Two hundred and forty US brands have been classified thus far and iconic brands for each profile are identified here. Another collection of 240 brands have recently been classified in Japan.

Do you have data on my company already? Do I have to pay for this?

Buyology already has a database of data on more than 250 global brands, including yours. To receive a presentation of data for your brand at no cost, please contact: Melissa Hobley, 917.423.1413 or [email protected].

Neurotypes™ is the first rigorous measurement system to quantify and classify the relationships that brands have with their consumers to better understand why they buy.

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