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MindLink™ Brand Relationship Testing

If you don't know the strength of your brand relationship, how can you improve it?

  • Companies must identify opportunities to significantly accelerate growth.
  • What's key is a deeper understanding of your brand's relationship with consumers.
  • Unlocking non-conscious drivers of brand relationships provides the missing insight.

With MindLink™, Buyology brings together its proprietary Brand Relationship Drivers™ framework, which defines the ten pivotal drivers of strong brand relationships, with its proprietary, web-based response time technology, to enable large sample, statistically robust, analytically rigorous measurement of consumers' non-conscious preferences.  

MindLink™ represents a significant advancement in the science of measuring brand relationships. Leveraging the non-conscious connection that consumers have with your brand and competitive brands, MindLink enables you to utilize those non-conscious relationship triggers to chart a course for dramatic, sustained growth.

MindLink™ Brand Relationship Testing:

  • Measures performance across our ten proprietary Brand Relationship Drivers™.
  • Identifies the top priority drivers for your brand and competitive brands.
  • Provides prescriptive guidance on what actions to take to:
    • Strengthen the key drivers.
    • Create brand differentiation.
    • Generate sustainable growth.
    • Develop a roadmap for the future.
    • Enhance your brand's competitive advantage.

Brand Relationship Drivers™

Non-Conscious & Conscious Measurement of Brand Performance

MindLink™ enables comparison, both consciously and non-consciously, of your brand and comparable brands across each of our ten proprietary Brand Relationship Drivers™. Non-conscious testing produces a great deal more discrimination than traditional conscious testing, and therefore a much greater degree of prescriptive guidance.

Non-Conscious Favorability Correlated to Brand Attributes

MindLink™ enables comparison of non-conscious favorability to the attributes that you've historically used to measure your brand, thereby affording a link to your traditional brand tracker. Buyology will work with you in the selection of the attributes that will best help to inform the study.

To read Buyology Inc. and ORC International's joint report on the power of Brand Relationship Drivers, please click here.

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