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“At Walmart, we have always known that people buy what they feel, not what they think.”    
     — Senior Director, Walmart

Emotion is the single greatest motivation in the selection of a package at shelf.

Developments in Behavioral Economics and the Social Sciences are revealing startling insights regarding how consumers are making decisions around packaging.  Where traditional research asks people what they think, neuro-insight measures how they feel.

Packaging needs to connect emotionally in the moment of choice and sustain the brand after purchase.  As generic and store brand packaging improves, the bar is raised for packaging to better project the essence of the brand to connect to buyers.  Retailer "clean store" policies, which mandate removal of manufacturer POS and display materials, put an even greater burden on packaging alone to sell the product.

Buyology’s Packaging Testing tool - PacMindMeasure™ - examines and uncovers deeper feelings, motivations, and potential impact for packaging concepts.  This groundbreaking tool fills a void in marketing and research: a deeper understanding of your brand’s potential influence with consumers based on cutting-edge science and technology.

PacMindMeasure™ Overview

PacMindMeasure™ evaluates 400 respondents across several ad concepts (in any form, from animatics to story boards).  This makes it the only neuro-insight Ad Testing tool that measures statistically rigorous sample sizes, thereby enabling comprehensive sub-group comparisons.


  • Provides non-conscious responses to packages, illuminating the deeper drivers of motivation and impact
  • Measures what the respondent deeply thinks (engagement) and feels (motivation)
  • Provides diagnostics via both images and words as a representation of how the human brain stores knowledge
  • Identifies the emotional narrative that enhances understanding of performance and diagnoses opportunities for improvement
  • Provides relative amplitude of alternative executions - quantifies the relative impact of each
  • Takes 3-4 weeks to complete.

“The non-conscious system processes the impressions that turn into your beliefs, and is the source of impulses that often become your choices and your actions.”
      — Strangers to Ourselves, Timothy Wilson PhD, Harvard University Press

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