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“Context affects effectiveness at least as much as the message itself. If you aren’t measuring context - you are wasting half of your advertising dollars.”
     — Senior Brand Director, Coca-Cola

Despite significant increases in spending, ad campaigns are simply not delivering growth.  Buyology now provides the solution to optimizing media placement - MediaMindMeasure™ - the first neuro-insight tool in the world that measures ad context.

We can now measure where your advertising belongs…where your ad dollars will go further.

MediaMindMeasure™ uncovers the deeper emotional response to your brand’s advertising in specific media vehicles, and quantifies the effectiveness of each particular vehicle.


  • Evaluates your consumer set and which media (eg, magazine, TV series, TV network) they prefer across a battery of preference measures.
  • Evaluates best fit for your brand across as many as 8 media brands.
  • Evaluates relative impact of context on a specific advertiser/advertising message.
  • Enables proprietary measurement of relative effectiveness of alternative media vehicles.
  • Provides a price advantage when negotiating media buy.
  • Delivers improved efficiency versus competition.
  • Provides significantly enhanced value for every dollar of advertising investment.

Where you run an ad is as important – if not more so – than what the ad is.”
     — Leading Brand Director, Spirits Company

MediaMindMeasure™ Overview

MediaMindMeasure™ evaluates 400 respondents across several media brands. This makes it the only neuro-insight Media Measurement tool that addresses the role of context, and uses statistically rigorous sample sizes, thereby enabling comprehensive sub-group comparisons.

Sample Output: Which magazine would be the most effective for my brand?

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